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American women vs. Russian women

American women vs. Russian women

Women of all nationalities have their own benefits and flaws. The truth is anyone of them wants to be loved, cherished and respected by a decent man. Any girl wishes to be successful in business, smart and popular among men. Some of them will choose family over career while others will stay loyal to the professional accomplishments.

With the right man woman will radiate happiness. From the first glance any one can distinguish a lady who is in love.

Key differences between American and Russian women

As we mentioned before all women are unique and deserve love. Here we outline a few main notions concerning American women vs. Russian ladies:

  • Russian ladies are more elegant, they dress classier and pay too much attention to their appearance; they tend to be more stylish while American women are simpler, they put their comfort over posh look;
  • Russians are big fans of make-up; anyone of them can make a professional make-up. American girls prefer to have clear faces and applying make up only in special occasions;
  • On average lady from Eastern Europe are prettier, more passionate and love to seduce men. Americans have their own charms, of course, but they lose points due to being immature and childish;
  • Russian women are more emotionally mature and since the young age they are ready to start a family and raise children. American women seek professional self-affirmation and wish to prove to the world their self-sufficiency and independence. American ladies long to be strong and tend not to rely on men greatly and Slavic girls use their femininity to charm men; they love to appear weak and vulnerable for men to protect them. Russian ladies were always serious enough in what they wanted out of life and made plans on achieving their goals;
  • Russians are more open and modest and ready for the contact, their conversation skills are better. This lade will be pleased if a man approaches her, pays attention and shows his interest;
  • All women seek love and stability but not all of them want to show this. Russian ladies are not afraid to acknowledge that they dream to become a mother and a wife; they would love to stay at home and to take care of their men, to make them happy.

Traditional family values

The best years of their life American girls are spending on building a career and reflecting of the essence of their lives while their Russian counterparts are aware of the life’s true values and starting to build families.

Russian girls understand that it is so much better to start planning kids while they are young, healthy and can attract men. And they are doing everything they can to find the best father to their future children. Apparently men in Russia aren’t able to appreciate their females so they have to look elsewhere. Slavic women are convinced that life abroad will be easier for them and this is the main reason for ladies from Eastern Europe to dream about foreigners.

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