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How to understand your Russian Woman

How to understand your Russian Woman

Women from all over the world have very similar desires: personal happiness, professional achievements, motherhood and, of course, big and strong family. But how to understand what Slavic women are craving for? Any team of professional matchmakers will give you some recommendations concerning dating and understanding Russian women.

How to understand Russian women?

First of all, mentality of Russian ladies are different from European or American girls’ and they expect certain attitude from men. We will give you some tips on how to behave with Russian bride and what they are expecting of their men:

  • Ladies from Eastern Europe are not feminists. They appreciate man’s attention and accept his leadership. According to Russian wife, husband is the head of the family. Slavic ladies are tender and sensitive, so be prepared to open a door for her, be polite, and pay for both of you on the date. If you don’t know where to spend your first date we can suggest a cozy quiet restaurant and after – a long walk in the park;
  • Russian women, like any other, don’t like rude, arrogant and disrespectful men and never will stay with the man who drinks a lot. They expect undivided attention and tenderness;
  • Ukrainian and Russian girls are not gold-diggers but financial stability matters if they are considering marrying the man and starting a family with him. Man is supposed to support the family;
  • Your beautiful bride in her turn will happily stay at home and play a role of perfect wife: taking care of children and keeping house in order is a true bliss for a Russian and Ukrainian ladies;
  • Romance, love, family and children are the most precious things in Slavic woman’s life. Personal life always outweighs professional ambitions. That means that the majority of women will prefer to stay at home and taking care of their husband’s well-being;
  • In her turn your wife will love and respect you for the rest of your life.

Language barrier

There is another issue if you are interested in dating and marring a lady from Eastern Europe. We are talking about language barrier. The majority of women presented at Slavic agencies are English speaking but there are exceptions and, of course, at the beginning of your correspondence it will be almost impossible to avoid some misunderstandings. There are different levels of English proficiency, some girls are capable of only writing messages and others are pretty much fluent in English language. In any case we would strongly advise you to hire an interpreter at least for the few first dates. When you will know each other better and there is going to be trust it will be easier to communicate without a third person. Be patient and you will learn how to understand Russian women.

It takes time to understand and accept peculiarities of your Russian wife but later you will enjoy and appreciate your life together.

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