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In For What They Can Get

In For What They Can Get

People who hear about online dating services that bring Russian women and Western men together have differing opinions about the dating sites and their legitimacy. The notion of the “mail order bride” is a major deterrent because that term has long held a negative connotation of “gold digger,” but when it comes to Russian ladies who are hopeful brides, nothing can be further from the truth.

These women are well educated, many are employed, and they are self-sufficient. They are living in a part of the world where there is often not a sufficient male to female ratio in terms of the existing populace and, as such, these ladies are looking for someone to spend the rest of their life with so they can get married and establish families.

There are a lot of really beautiful and pretty women who post advertisements online to find men interested in dating and marriage. There are a number of misconceptions associated with Russian females who seek out Western men as mates, and as such, the misconceptions will be covered here in brief.

    • In it for what they can get… this is one of the most egregious misconceptions that exists when we’re talking about hopeful Russian females who are seeking serious men interested in dating and marriage. First, there is the assumption that these females are looking to marry a wealthy man so that they can kick back and not work. The choice as to whether or not a female work once is with a Westerner is totally up to her and her significant other, so it is true that some Russian females stopped working once they enter relationship and others do not. It is a matter of preference not a matter of profit.
    • In the same light, some Russian females are accused of enjoying the rich and lavish gifts that some people like to give them other being courted. To that end, who doesn’t? Some people even assert that the female is just in it for collecting rings and other expensive items, so these beguiling Russian ladies use their charms to woo men into giving them items they desire. Again this is wrong; charming Russian women are, but it is only part of what makes them wonderful human beings.
    • In a similar vein, some individuals suggest that Russian females are looking to get married so that they can get a Visa to come to the US. While this has happened in the past and undoubtedly, it will happen again in the future, this is not the only reason why Russian females search relationships. Ironically, it is a proven fact that Russian females have a lower divorce rate when compared to any other country.

Trafficking And Illegal Behavior

Another major myth associated with the Russian lady seeking dating opportunities and the chance to marry a Westerner is that they are part of a slavery ring or that the dating site is not legitimate. Many online dating sites specialize in making connections between lady single females and men that are legitimate. You can choose the site for finding great women online by seeking out those that are verified, secure, and professionally controlled.

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