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Why do Russian women look for a partner abroad?

Why do Russian women look for a partner abroad?

Although plenty of information on this topic is available online, there is still no complete understanding of such a phenomenon for most of them. Thus, one of the popular suggestions says that beautiful Russian and Ukrainian women are seeking to marry foreign men as this is the only way to escape poverty. However, the true reason is much simpler yet sadder. The fact is that the former USSR has far fewer men than women, and this is rightly so. Let’s look at the statistics!

According to the statistics, there are approximately 97 men per 100 women in Russia. That’s ten million fewer than it has to be. It’s interesting that there is very little difference in the sex ratio at birth and also for childhood years. The gap increases in the 25 to 54 age group and reaches its highest level in the 55-64 age bracket. It is also worth noting that an average Russian woman lives about 13 years longer than an average man. So Russia has a problem of “missing men”. Unfortunately, the main reason for this is alcohol. The truth is that Russian men tend to consume hard spirits and, what’s more, drink in binges. Quite often this causes infidelity, violence, mental and verbal abuse against women. Thereby, it becomes clear why it’s not that easy for a single Russian bride to find a worthy partner in her country.

As for the Ukrainian women, their situation is not much better than in Russia. Couple this with the fact that the overall female/male ratio in Ukraine is also quite low, yet at birth and for childhood years it is in line with the international norm. Thus, the Russian problem of “missing men” also exists in Ukraine. For today, there are approximately 10 Ukrainian women per 9 Ukrainian men. The situation in small towns and villages is even more complicated. That makes the Ukrainian men a little picky when it comes to beautiful Ukrainian women for marriage.

In this way, such a social dynamic courses anxiety and insecurity amongst Russian and Ukrainian women and, at the same time, the over-inflated sense of self-confidence amongst Russian and Ukrainian men who think they can do everything they want with women and their feelings. Another sad statistical fact says that Ukrainian and Russian girls are murdered three times more than girls from other European countries. So if you still have a question why Russian and Ukrainian women are looking for their love abroad, then here is the answer: lack of men and their lifestyle force them to do that.

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