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What to write to Russian women to captivate their attention?

What to write to Russian women to captivate their attention?

With online dating connecting millions of hearts across the borders, the right communication strategy is essential to streamline the search of a soul mate. How to win the heart of a potential bride but not be ordinary or too cheesy? Here are some suggestions on the appropriate tactics that will pull on her heartstrings:

Be a real hero

It is an old story about a prince on a white horse that so many former Soviet women believe in. While you don’t need a mare to charm a potential bride, you do want to sound as masculine as possible. The words you choose should prove your confidence: there is no need to articulate how cool you are but it is better project your strength instead. That’s the right approach to conquer her heart and make your message stand out from the rest of online crowd.

She knows how beautiful she is

Who puts ugly pictures on the web? – No one! Almost all Russian brides know they are gorgeous – there is no need to remind them about this fact in every single line of your online correspondence. Otherwise, she might think you are obsessed with her appearance and absolutely not keen on the amazing personality such a single Lady like her has. While fishing for her attention, do not shower her with compliments. Be nice and caring, but maintain a full control of your words no matter how stunning her hair or pretty her smile is.

Find out about her hobbies

If you see that she is into horse riding or pottery, ask her about what she likes the most, even if the hand-made vase or animals are the last thing you’d ever be interested in. Caring about what she likes is one of the expectations to meet when looking for a Russian beauty to become your spouse. Yes, it might sound silly for a guy to be into girly things, but jokes apart – Russian women sense every single step that is carefully planned and weighed because there are so many people willing to be in touch with her. No one says you need to start knitting or rescue dogs but pay attention to what women want – even Mel Gibson managed to do so on the screen, why not trying on his hat? If he can, you’ll ace the mission, too.

Emojis are pretty little devils

While teens adore them, mature men communicate with the help of the words. That’s what you do when you graduate from college. It is very unlikely that you’ll get a reply to a winking face you send to a Russian lady you are keen on. This type of communication is for Tinder where people are mostly looking for a quick catch up not a real long lasting relationship between two adults. You can definitely opt for smiles but later on when the prey is already in your nets, till then – grow up and start a meaningful conversation with a potential bride of your dreams!

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